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Mille Isaphire Mini Vermeil Jacquard Tablecloth

Mille Isaphire Mini Vermeil Jacquard Tablecloth

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This paisley floral leaf table cloth is ideal for your next meal that needs a pop of green for your table. This all-over design is made from 100% cotton, and provides a way to enjoy a little bit of elegance for the everyday.

Made in France
100% extra-long staple cotton
4 hems of 10mm

Cotton: We use extra-long staple Cotton to weave our products. This premium quality of cotton with long fibers results in a stronger, softer and more durable fabric.

Coated Cotton: Our easy care coated fabric has 2 layers of ecological acrylic coating, making it spill proof and stain resistant. Easily wipe clean with a sponge. Perfect for the kitchen and outdoor use. 

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